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Floating Mount

Floating Mount Mirror Wrap Edge
Flat Mount Mirror Image 1_4_ Wrap_edited
Floating Mount White or Black  Edge
Glass Butterfly FLM_edited.png

Size options and upload of digital files available when ordering.

Floating mount options

  • Wrap print around the sides to hide the edge of the mounting board

  • Use mirror wrap to extend the image for the wrap

  • Use any of our six print media, even with wrap

  • We apply the usual heavy protective coating, either matte or gloss*

  • A hanging wire on the back holds the print tight to the wall

  • The depth to the wall can range from 1 to 2 inches

  • The size can range up to 36x48 inches​​

        * Coatings page

We developed the Floating mount as an elegant and affordable way to display prints. Like our Gallery wrap and Box mount products, the prints are dry mounted to MightCore board.

The foam interior core of the black Ryno Board can show around the edge or we can wrap any of our print media so the edge does not show (example to the right). The print is suspended off the wall by a hidden black box on the back which keeps the print perfectly flat. A hanging wire is provided on the back to pull the print tight against the wall.

If you like the "pillow look", we can insert a 1/4" layer of soft foam behind the print.

These prints can be larger than the similar Gallery wrap and Box mount prints, up to 36x48 inches.

Customer feedback

"I received the prints last Friday... I have to admit that I was horrified when I arrived home and saw a crushed box sitting on the front steps. But alas, your secure wrapping method saved the prints from damage! The print/mounting craftsmanship was very well done... I am looking forward to continuing to do business with Jover Photo."... Desmal Purcell

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