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Gallery Wrap with 1 1/2" Mirror Sides

Gallery Wrap 

Gallery Wrap Mirror Sides_edited.png

Size options and upload of digital files available when ordering.

Jover Fine Art Productions is dedicated to only the finest Canvas and SmoothPhotoCloth to produce your art.   We only print using Giclée ink/dye on Canvas or SmoothPhotoCloth and wrapped around the sides making a Gallery Wrap that will look great on your walls without a frame. Our innovative mounting is light but sturdy and loved by all.


Our Photoshop Professionals prepare the sides for you with mirror sides up to 2". (Call for Custom, typically at no extra charge) . We recommend a mirror border because frequently the image wrapped to the sides often crops the photo too much as viewed from the front when not using the mirror sides. 

A twist on the borderless concept, the image extends around the edge of the box mount. This works great if you have enough room on the edges of your image, but if you don't when viewed from the front, it will look as if the image were cropped too much. In this case we have several options: Leave the edges white, print a solid color on the edge, or clone the background to make the edges wider.

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